Classic Albums Remade: New Order – Substance 1987

Robert of the Radish
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I had an old friend visit last week and we got into a desert island debate about the Smiths vs. the Cure vs. New Order. These are all bands that we grew up with during the 1980s. Suffice to say, I went for the Cure and my friend chose New Order.

I bought every album the Smiths and the Cure have put out. But for New Order, I had a only a few albums, but one of these was the double album Substance 1987, wore which may be the only album a New Order fan needs. Substance was a compilation of 12-inch versions of all the band's singles up to that point and their respective B-sides. It's fantastic from beginning to end, and the conversation with my friend made me realize that I had not listened to Substance 1987 in some time. We remedied this situation and had a Substance overdose.

Today, I opened Spotify with the intention of remaking Substance 1987 with cover versions of all the songs. While I found great cover versions of most of the tracks there were a handful I could not find cover versions of. So in these cases I replaced them with alternate New Order versions.

This is a great way to re-experience this classic album with a new twist.

Classic Albums Remade: New Order - Substance 1987
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