Christina Aguilera Had ‘The Voice’ Even As A Kid!

Wendy Geller
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Guess that Voice coach/diva Christina Aguilera's pink-and-purple-tipped tresses proved to just a little too cool for Jay Leno. When the superstar appeared on the Tonight Show Tuesday, the talk-show host decided to take her down a few pegs on the hip meter by showing off her 1990 performance on Star Search--baby face, scrunchie, and all.

Sure, Aguilera-as-a-tyke's fashion selection and somewhat histrionic facial expressions during her rendition of "Sunday Kind Of Love" are a little bit embarrassing. Even more mortifying is the the fact that Ed McMahon mispronounces her name--twice. However, we gotta admit despite all this, the kid has chops. See for yourselves:

Aguilera was a good sport about the clip--but, always the perfectionist, the 31-year-old vocalist had to gripe: "I lost!" However, she managed to turn this into a teaching moment, adding, "There's hope for the people who come on The Voice and all these music shows--if you don't make it the first time, keep going at it!"

She also told Leno that, although she appears confident as can be in the Star Search video, she was "absolutely" nervous. "I think that's why as artists [coaching on The Voice], we feel for the contestants," she noted. "It takes guts to go up there and do it."

After enduring Leno's little exploration of her past, Aguilera talked with the host about her current Voice team, including discussion of contestant Dez Duron and a verbal tussle she had with fellow judge Adam Levine over Kayla Nevarez on Monday's show.


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