Chris Brown “Can’t Win” With Rihanna

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

Sometimes you can almost feel bad for Chris Brown. It seems that Breezy is telegraphing his relationship status with Rihanna these days. A day after photos of RiRi getting close-and-personal with a fan in New York City popped up on Twitter and Instagram, Breezy dropped a new breakup ballad called "I Can't Win." He also revealed that his new album, X, will drop on July 16, but that song's not on it.

In a tweet late Monday night, Breezy revealed the new track, but he clarified, "Some s--- I felt like writing that's not on the album." The track includes the chorus, "She ain't bluffing/She gonna do it/I think it's time for me to face the music." Later he croons, "Going back and forth with the lies/Never compromise/Girl, if you love me better prove it/Baby, I can't win."

And who is the girl in question? Our bet is that it's RiRi. After those photos of her macking on fanboy Justin LaBoy appeared on the Web, our boy Breezy took to Twitter posting his thoughts. "S** is overrated now a days. Just remember to keep ya muthaf***in head up." He then he unfollowed RiRi, jumped back on his exes Karrueche Tran's account and posted a link to his video for "Home."

Meanwhile, RiRi is now following Drake on Instgram. Guess Breezy really can't win.

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