Chris Brown Complains About F.A.M.E. On New Song ‘Home’

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Chris Brown "Home" from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

Chris Brown doesn’t want his public to be fooled into this thinking he actually loves his high profile lifestyle of throngs of adoring women, luxury cars, and arena concerts.

He’d rather have his pre-fame life back, according to the lyrics of his new song, “Home,” a docu-video from his world tour.

In the video that Brown premiered Friday on his Twitter page, the “Turn Up The Music” singer complains about superstardom as playful clips of performing, interacting with fans and traveling on private jets and yachts are juxtaposed in the background like b-roll.

“I got all this money calling me, how the f—k I’mma turn it down,” he asks in the song’s first verse.

He continues, “Maybe I guess that I’m a superstar now, but I wish I could go back.”

Brown sings that the money doesn’t mean as much if the people around him are changing and “praying with they hands out.” He repeatedly asks, “What the f—k you want from me?”

He also blames his woes on the camera that are “always on that f—k sh-t” and his inability to hold his tongue. “Now everyday they wanna say sh-t and that’s when I say sh-t.”

He says he misses his childhood. “I wish I could go back to where I came from … I wish I could go back to freedom,” he adds.

“Just take all that bullsh-t away and rewind the truth,” he pleads.

Brown says if he knew then what he knows now, he would definitely make some different decisions.

Sounds like this song should have been on his F.A.M.E. album.

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