Chris Brown Community Service Investigation: Richmond Police Chief Resigns

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Stop The Presses!

Bryan Norwood, the police chief responsible for overseeing Chris Brown’s community service in Richmond, Va., resigned Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones.

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“As of today, I have accepted the resignation of Bryan Norwood from his post as chief of police for the city of Richmond,” Mayor Jones said in a statement. “I am very thankful for the more than four years of dedicated service he has offered to our city and for the leadership that he has brought to the Richmond Police Department.”

On Feb. 5, the Grammy award winning artist was accused of submitting fraudulent documentation regarding the completion of his community service. As part of his 2009 sentence for his felony assault on his girlfriend Rihanna, Brown was put on probation for five years and ordered to complete 180 days of community labor in Virginia.

Norwood agreed to supervise Brown’s probation in a 2009 letter to the Los Angeles County court, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Richmond police did not regularly monitor Brown’s actions, L.A. County investigators claim, according to the Times. In a November 2011 letter to the court, Norwood maintained that Brown finished 100 days of community labor.

L.A. County prosecutors argue that Brown also violated his probation by not obtaining permits to travel while on probation.

Norwood has been replaced by Ray J. Tarasvoic, a previously retired, former Richmond assistant chief of police with more than 41 years of experience in law enforcement.

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