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The word "chick" has been in use as a slang term for a long time. It is noted in the Historical Dictionary of American Slang as being in use way back in 1899 when it meant young woman, or young girl.  But when you stop to think about the term, it's rather derogatory. After all, "chick" is a baby chicken.  This has a connotation of being property, like a farm animal. A bay chicken is fluffy, helpless, completely dependent and immature.

Over time the word has become more acceptable and further disconnected from its sexist past, although you'll still find plenty of women who take offense at being called a "chick". But like most things labeled sexist, or racist, it is never the word itself that makes it wrong, but the context.

For this playlist I've pulled together ten bands who use the word chick in their band name. Most of these artists are female, so using the word "chick" could not be considered sexist, could it?  What do you think?

Chick Music

1. Cowboy Take Me Away - Dixie Chicks

2. Deep As Your Pocket - Tres Chicas

3. Lazy River - The Fiddle Chicks

4. 8 Second Ride - The Chicks From The Sticks

5. Red Frame - White Light - Chicks On Speed

6. Let's Go - Swizzle Chicks

7. Don't Fence Me In - Four Chicks and Chuck

8. Cherry Fabulous - Chicks

9. Brasil Over Zurich - Tanga Chicks

10. Let's Go All The Way - The Lezbnrocker Chicks

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