Celine Dion Displays Unexpected Racy Side In New Photoshoot

Wendy Geller
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When one thinks of Celine Dion, "racy" probably isn't the first adjective that comes to mind. However, the superstar vocalist has managed to turn that around with an ultra-steamy--and ultra-uncharacteristic--photo shoot for V Magazine.

The artsy session features striking photos of Dion topless, pants-less, and wearing bondage-suggestive gear. The 44-year-old looks surprisingly comfortable--and undeniably hot--in the photos, which are her first non-promotional shots in six years. She told the magazine that they actually reflect her real personality.

"I'm like this in my real life," she explained. "I was scared a little bit because this was so different for me, but I'm glad I did it."

Dion also noted that the photo shoot was a fun excuse to "go crazy"--"It doesn't seem this way on stage, but I'm playing a lot," she said.

However, despite the wild side she displays in the images, Dion still has both feet on the ground. When asked what she'd like her legacy to ultimately be, the mom of three answered "Motherhood, without a doubt." She also is firm in her commitment to her husband of 18 years, René Angélil, stating, "He has been the only man in my life."

Dion is still a working mom, continuing her three-year residency in Las Vegas. The issue of V containing her full photo spread and interview will be available on newsstands August 30.


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