Carrie Underwood, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

There's no higher virtue than patriotism, and no musician as patriotic as Carrie Underwood, the country songstress who's gone way past American Idol and is now a bona fide superstar. Many of her vids, including this one, feature tributes to those who serve.

And, as far as superstardom credentials go, three of her four albums have hit #1 in Billboard; the fourth "only" made it to #2.

In this week's video, a Vevo premier called "See You Again," Carrie sings about loss -- specifically, the loss of a loved one. She pays tribute to the military, of course, and also to the victims of Sandy Hook and the recent Oklahoma tornadoes. (Carrie was born and raised in Oklahoma.) Ms. Underwood, who by all accounts is a devout Christian, believes that we'll all see our loved ones after our time here on Earth.

Can it be true? Only you, our valued readers can decide! Please feel free to post: life after death? Or make me laugh?

1 -- At their annual convention, the flags agreed that burning a person was... well... OK!

2 -- "Seriously. You get Ted Nugent down here and I'll owe you. Big time."

3 -- "Alright! One last picture before I enter the McWorkplace!"

4 -- "Great Scott! My arch-enemy, Mick Phee! Only Kelly Clark's son can save me now!"

5 -- Just then -- strangely! -- World War II ended! Again!

6 -- "Giant dinosaurs have taken over the Earth? And you need milk for your Kix?"

7 -- "Dude, we're not saying 'hi.' We're Nazis."

8 -- As had been prophesied in song, he took another little piece of her heart.

9 -- "I can't wait to grow up and enjoy the extraordinarily fair and logical world you must have surely established by now."

10 -- The App That Corrects History picked up the seven and ten pins! Easily!

11 -- Incredible! The App That Corrects History tripped the tot, Hillary Rodham, causing her to strike her head and develop Super Political Powers!

12 -- All the states have flags! But not good trees!