Carlos Santana’s Son Releases Linkin Park-esque Rap Track

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Salvador Santana, son of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Carlos Santana, is working to establish himself as a bonafide musician in his own right.

Recently named Clear Channel's New Artist To Watch, the junior Santana recently released his message-oriented single and video "Into The Light." On this song, Sal displays a rap meets rock melding similar to Linkin Park. Though his rap skills are bland, the track's hopeful theme is welcomed in an age where rappers mainly brag about their riches and women.

Sal shows artistic growth over the past few years. His 2010 track "Summer's Day" with the Salvador Santana Band is a fun, though, generic Spanish-tinged seasonal effort. His more recent "Mi Tesoro" is a sophomoric ode to his late paternal grandmother.

The Bay Area artist, who has worked with Del The Funky Homosapien, GZA and Money Mark, better comes to life in a live performance clip featuring a guest appearance from his dad. There he seems more comfortable and shows more energy. Sal worked with the elder Santana on the Grammy award winning song "El Farol" from the Supernatural album.

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