Cake, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

With mild apologies to our regular readers, it's time -- once again! -- to introduce Framed to any newbies who may have come by this week.

Why do we do this every now and again?  Is it because we're unbelievably sensitive to the needs of others?

Or is it because we like to drink to excess and shamelessly pad our word count?

Yes!  It is!

It so is!

Ahem.  Framed is a light-hearted blog that features a different music video every week.  We go through the video and freeze interesting frames... and then we write captions for those frames.  To put it simply, we make stuff up; usually, stuff we wish the people in the picture were saying.

Some would say our captions are droll, ironic and quite good.  Others would describe them as esoteric, petty, and the sort of self-indulgent crap that turns everybody off.

And we're OK with that!  We're not the boss of you!  Or anyone else!

This week's video is a funny one in its own right: it's Cake's "Love You Madly."  The whole thing revolves around an Iron Chef-type shootout between drummer Pete McNeal and horn player Vince DiFiori, complete with celebrity judges and a theme ingredient, pumpkin.  It's a hoot and a holler, no kidding.  We wish other artists put as much thought into their videos as Cake has here.

Anyway, new readers, please enjoy our blog and feel free to post your thoughts below.  Don't worry about what our regular readers post -- we love 'em all, and God bless 'em -- but be aware that they've constructed a weird, internally consistent world that may seem impenetrable at first... sort of like Framed itself, actually... yet is, ultimately. quite amusing!

We'll be back next week with an exciting video premiere, and way less wordy!

1 --  Oh, no!  Pumpkinhead is back! And he's brought two of his cabal:  Gordy (L) and Gordy (R)!

2 -- "We thought you were defeated years ago, in this very blog!  But you win, pumpkins!  I have been authorized to surrender to you on behalf of all ambulant life."

3 --  "Of course I'll do your bidding, sir!  'Make a previously somewhat-accessible blog utterly mysterious to everyone reading it?'  Right away, sir!"

4 -- "Ha!  I tricked you... with the help of Gummo, Gunno, Wall Girl, and Dealie Crankerson himself!  Thank you, Framed's continuing characters!  Now pay for your sins, vegetable!"

5 --  "Great Scott!  Pumpkinhead's brains would probably taste good were they buttered, salted, and cooked at 300° F for 45 minutes!  Who'd've guessed?"

6 --  "If I clean up these deceased villains and make some random comment, Framed may well meet half its caption quota right now!  A sweet deal!"

7 -- "Well, I hope I, at least, taste good.   Because, seriously, suffocating on the deck of a boat as my fellows flailed about me was sort of a bring-me-down."

8 -- "Surely there's a joke in this somewhere."

9 -- "A rival breakfast food called Eggo's?  Unthinkable!"

10 --  "I'm serious... a Quadrophenia tour!"

11 --  "You want us to actually eat Cake??"

12 --  "I told you there'd be a pants-dropping!  Talk about a no-brainer!"