The Byrds, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Now that Taylor's dating Tebow — it's true, readers! — we'd like to stay here in the present day.  But a prior commitment to feature 1960s folk rock artists the Byrds compels us to look back to yesteryear.

(Each installment of Framed is scheduled over two years in advance, and can be altered only by the direct order of President Obama or Justin Bieber.)

So, please welcome the Byrds and their smash hit "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season.)"

The song was written by folkie Pete Seeger, who put words from the Book of Ecclesiastes to music. That's how most songs were written back then. The vague peace message of the tune ("A time for peace/I swear it's not too late," the only lyric Seeger actually wrote) gave the preachy litany a feel-good veneer.

The Byrds, of course, were big stars in the mid-'60s, and also had hits with songs like "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Eight Miles High." "Turn! Turn! Turn!" went on to be used in 1994's Forrest Gump soundtrack, which explains how this video came to be. So please enjoy a few scenes from that Oscar-winning movie, as well as the Byrds lip-synching one of their biggest hits, and be back here again next week!

1— "But, sweetheart, Framed: The Coffee Table Book is for easily-amused big people."

2 — "I need a liver that won't drive me crazy."

3 — "And remember, honey: God always listens to the pledge of allegiance."

4 —  "Sure, I'll bet ya. But I get Pulp Fiction."

5 — "Man, those were some strong drugs. And they said I couldn't get no higher."

6 — "See? The Bible says everything is futile and we should just give up."

7 — "And here's your proof of occasional attendance."

8 — "Ah was gonna give this to Lady Bird, but Ah like you."

9 — "Well, no... no, sir... I'm not in love with the Constitution."

10 — "Wow. In this dimension, Donovan writes our songs!"

11 — "I tell you, men, that Stills, Nash and Young combo is missing something."

12 — "Just who was that bird?"