Burning Question: Why Do Famous Kids Like Bieber (Sometimes) Get Served at Over-21 Clubs?

Leslie Gornstein
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Is it true that Justin Bieber is getting into over-21 clubs, or at least trying to? Is anyone stupid enough to let him in? Why?-- Wilda, Vermont

Because they risk being vilified on Twitter by His Royal Shirtlessness! Don’t you remember March 1, that black, black day when Bieber reportedly got rebuffed from a London club on account of his underaged ways?

“Worst birthday ever,” he tweeted.

The horror! The unbridled humiliation those poor Londoners must have felt for seconds and seconds!
Maybe that’s why a bar in Ohio reportedly accommodated Bieber earlier this month, allowing him in long enough to allegedly spit in a guy’s face and then deny it. Bieber also reportedly has been seen leaving over-21 houses o’ booze in New York.

Then again, catering the Bieb does have its downsides. Just ask the folks at Bodi, a Chicago hot spot that briefly let Bieber through its doors a few weeks ago. Management has denied any wrongdoing in that case.

Here in Los Angeles, where club owners face serious pressure to cater to famous minors, Bieber also has tried to get himself served. Per E! News, the singer left Lure nightclub "really embarrassed" after being forced to leave at around 7 p.m. Reportedly, he was trying to sneak in to enjoy the venue’s fine "Toxic Luau Beach Day party." A source also told E! News that Bieber even tried to sneak in the back door.

Overseas (not counting London), Bieber has had mixed success trying to get his sizzurp on.

So far, Bieber hasn’t really faced any legal consequences for these japes; the law generally sees the venues and the bartenders as the responsible parties. An over-21 club in Dubai was quoted by a local paper as having hosted Bieber back in May...sort of.

Per the club, Bieber showed up with an entourage of 20; the club accommodated him because the authorities made a “special rule” allowing him to enter. However, "Part of the stipulation was [Bieber] wasn't allowed to consume alcohol...and that was the reason why in the end he left" after 45 minutes, Movida club manager Richard Haddon told the Khaleej Times.

As for why any club would even consider serving Bieber, here's what I can tell you: It's complicated.

Off the record, nightlife promoters and club owners tell me that venue owners don't want to risk alienating the types of folks who can afford their pricey bottle service. One insider told me, "Suppose Justin Bieber shows up with Jay Z, or some other big star who's of age. The general thinking is that they’re going to have to let Bieber in."

Then again, maybe Bieber should just just hop on one of his own tour buses and find a...greener way to relax?

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