Bruce Springsteen, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

One of the biggest stories in music this year was the release of Bruce Springsteen's latest album, Wrecking Ball. The record debuted at #1 in 15 countries. BBC Music spoke of "masterful execution," and The New York Times said it included "some of Springsteen's most elaborate studio concoctions since Born to Run."

Heck, even Y! Music's own New This Week praised it — somewhat wildly, a habit over there — as "an interesting listen."

With all those kudos flying about, we've been wanting to listen to it, too, but we must've had other stuff to do! This week, though, we're finally getting around to it by featuring "We Take Care Of Our Own," the album's first single.

The video is a bit artsy, starting out in black and white before segueing into color. We mostly see Bruce playing his guitar on a rooftop and various regular-type folks walking around. As visual fodder, it's pretty dull stuff.

But our captions aren't! So feel free to scroll down, laugh out loud, and wonder how we maintain our impossibly high standards week after week.

Then tell everyone that Framed is the best thing ever and well worth the 36 seconds it takes to read!

1 — "Oh... hi, readers! I'm just playing the greatest hits of the Electric Flag here!"

2 — "But they told me this week's Framed would be ant-free!"

3 — "What am I now? Like, 100?"

4 — "Those parallel lines seem to meet at infinity. Well, time to rethink everything."

5 — Sadly, much of Bruce's work is now in "lyric jail."

6 — "Now that I can no longer be a lightning rod for social issues, perhaps I can simply be a lightning rod."

7 — "OK, OK — I'll seek the presidential nomination. As you may know, I was born to run."

8 — Hey! Somebody tidied up the Y! Music Employees Parking Lot!

9 — "Why does Jim the Bird keep circling this blog, anyway?"

10 — Ever since the grounds crew went on strike, Yankee Stadium has just gone to hell.

11 — It's fun to make the Boss listen to good songs!

12 — "Step lively, folks! I'm pretty sure the heartland is around here somewhere."