Brother of Rapper Trina Shot and Killed in Miami

Soren Baker
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By Soren Baker

Wilbrent "Gonk" Bain, the brother of rapper Trina, was shot and killed in Miami Tuesday April 23, according to media reports.

Police said they have arrested 27-year-old Ron Dobson in connection with the murder of Bain, according to reports. Bain was shot and killed on Northwest 91st Street, according to residents. Bain and Dobson were longtime friends who lived close to one another.

But they had had a long-running dispute and when Bain got off his bicycle to approach Dobson at approximately 9:35 a.m. Tuesday, Dobson shot Bain multiple times, according to reports. Bain was unarmed, according to police.

"Now I'm hurt 'cause this man here gone for no reason at all," Bain's friend Demetrius Hammond told Miami's NBC 6. "He was a close friend to me."

Dobson faces a charge of second-degree murder and has confessed to role in Bain's death, according to an affidavit obtained by NBC 6.

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