Britney Spears is Back to Dancing, Looking Hotter Than Ever, in “Work B***ch” Clip

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

It's been 15 years — yeah, yeah, but who's counting? — almost to the day that Britney Spears released the debut single that sparked...well, a lot of things, including her initial foray into stardom: "Baby One More Time." What's going on a decade and a half later? She's doing it yet one more time, with the premiere of her video for "Work B***ch."

Lots of hype surrounded the release of this clip, created for the lead single off her upcoming eighth album (which is scheduled to drop December 3, one day after her birthday). Spears debuted it on the CW network Tuesday evening. Shall we call her the governor? Take a look for yourselves and decide.

One thing Brit-Brit's clearly been "working" on is her workouts, as the 31-year-old has arguably never looked as toned as she does in this particular clip. This is Britney at her hottest, showing off a particularly Vegas vibe (appropriate for her upcoming residency at Sin City's Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino) by wearing jeweled bikinis in a desert setting, writhing on a platform in a shark-infested pool — oh yeah, and just in case you didn't get the memo, the Planet Hollywood logo shows up as well. She also flirts with a bit of S&M, engaging a whip and some gags, both used on her troupe of brunette backup dancers.

On a more technical note: The superstar, who allegedly due to a knee injury did barely any dancing to support her last album, seems to be back in form and actually hoofing it again. Which is good news. All the haters: Get to work, because Spears is clearly not going away anytime soon.

Spears begins her Vegas residency directly after Christmas on December 27. Tickets can be purchased here.