Britney Defends Miley, Announces Vegas Residency

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses!

Sometimes whatever happens in Vegas is televised live to millions across the country — especially when it involves Britney Spears.

That was the case Tuesday when the "Work B*tch" singer appeared on "Good Morning America" to announce her much-rumored Las Vegas residency with a helicopter stunt. But perhaps her most daring trick was her defense of fellow pop princess Miley Cyrus.

"I think any time you do a performance that is memorable, you're going to have criticism," Spears said of Cyrus' twerking, foam-finger duet with Robin Thicke at MTV's Video Music Awards. "I think she's doing her thing, being herself. So I give props to her."

Of course, Spears collaborated with Cyrus on the track "SMS (Bangerz)" that will be included on Cyrus' new album, Bangerz. And the two have a lot in common. Both are former Disney princesses (Spears from the "Mickey Mouse Club," Cyrus from "Hannah Montana") who went on to cross over into the pop world with often-controversial, highly sexualized performances and lyrics.

As part of her two-year deal with Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Spears will take fans back to some of those then-shocking early hits, as well as her newer material, in "Britney, Piece of Me." The show, which will premiere on Dec. 27, promises to be a little different from the standard Vegas show fare, as it will add a club element to the usual Vegas theater setting.

"We wanted the environment to be that way so people could come and have a good time and stand up and feel like they're in the show with me," Spears said during the TV interview. "I love Vegas. The energy here is really, really good."

During the announcement and live helicopter stunt, Spears was greeted by more than 1,000 fans who held up signs forming her picture as she looked down from a circling helicopter. "This is such a sweet thing to do," Spears said. "I don't even know what to say. I'm speechless. This is shocking."

The pop star is set to do 50 shows in Vegas over the two-year run, but she's not sure if she's ready to relocate to Sin City, saying, "We'll see."

Meanwhile, she continues to work on her new, still untitled album, which is due Dec. 3. Spears revealed that aside from dance-floor bangers like the recently leaked "Work B*tch," it also includes a ballad about her break-up with her manager/fiance Jason Trawick. "I wrote a lot about [that]," she revealed. "I think everybody can relate to that. I think to them, they want to know that a superstar goes through the same process of a breakup as they do."

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