Watch Britney Bring Her Boys to Do the Smurf

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

It was just last month we told you Britney Spears was doing the smurf with a new track, "Ooh La La," for The Smurfs 2 soundtrack. Now, Brit has gone one step further and enlisted her boys — 7-year-old Sean Preston and 6-year-old Jayden — to appear in the video.

In a recent interview with radio personality Ryan Seacrest, Spears revealed that her sons are the reason why she got involved in the Smurfs project. "They're obsessed with the Smurfs," she said. "We've seen The Smurfs movie a million trillion times and they were told they could be in the video and all this cool stuff, so that's the reason why I did it."

And Spears, ever-the-proud mama, was happy to report her boys did a good job. "They were actually really, really good on set," she said. "They were, like, acting and my oldest son Preston was right on cue every time they would tell him to do something."

Spears was getting her hair and makeup done, so she missed their live performance, but added, "Later on I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable."

In other Spears news, her forthcoming eighth studio album is only "at the beginning stages night now." She's working with, among others. "Will has a lot of really interesting different tracks that I've listened to that are really cool that I haven't actually written on yet, but there's a lot of guitar and I think people will be surprised with this album," she said. "It's going to be really different."

William Orbit, known for his work with Madonna, is also slated to work on the project. "I've never worked with him before, so I'm really excited…I think the kids will appreciate it, but I think this music will have more of a cool approach to it."

As for her much-rumored Las Vegas residency, it's still "quite possible, yes, [but] nothing's confirmed yet," she said.

So, if you want to get your fill of Spears, for now, you'll just have to listen to "Ooh La La" and/or play her Seacrest interview, but Vegas is still a possibility, baby.

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