New Britsoul Sensation Michael Kiwanuka Sets His Sights on America

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now (NEW)

It's a pretty amazing break in the music business for any artist, let alone a totally unknown one, to get a plum slot opening for megastar Adele on tour. But that's exactly what happened to Adele's fellow Britsoul singer Michael Kiwanuka, who was handpicked by the Adele camp to tour with her last year. That tour was supposed to be Michael's introduction to American audiences, as well...but sadly, that was not to be, when ongoing throat issues and surgery sidelined Adele and put her U.S. tour on hold.

Undeterred, Michael headed to America alone, playing debut L.A. and NYC shows in late 2011 to huge critical acclaim. The charming young soulman, who recently won the BBC's "Sound of 2012" poll (other nominees included Frank Ocean and Skrillex), has been likened to classic American artists like Otis Redding, Bob Dylan, and Bill Withers, so it's no wonder that his throwback sound resonated so easily on this side of the pond. Perhaps he will soon duplicate his former tourmate Adele's Stateside success.

During his inaugural solo tour stop in Los Angeles, the night after playing with the legendary Daniel Lanois, Michael--whose debut album Home Again will be released later this year--stopped by Yahoo! Music to serenade the staff with his lovely warm-honey voice, as well as chat about his musical upbringing in London's Muswell Hill and his many old-school American musical influences. We here at Yahoo! predict big things for this guy, so check him out here first!

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