Bridgit Mendler’s ‘Hurricane’ Compares A Relationship To A Horrible Storm

Billy Johnson, Jr.
The New Now (NEW)

Disney Star Bridgit Mendler has listed Lily Allen as an influence, and you can hear a bit of the British singer’s sass and accent in Mendler’s song “Hurricane,” a cool folky pop song that uses the concept of a tropical cyclone as a metaphor for a relationship.

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When Mendler recently performed for Yahoo! Music, she explained how she settled on the direction for the song from her debut album, Hello My Name Is …

“I was in the room with the other writers and one of the other writers was kinda like, ‘OK. So you’re talking about this storm?’” Mendler said, adding that they continued to develop the idea. “Oh could that be a relationship? Then, you’re like in the eye of the hurricane and so what is that?’ And you go through all these different phases of thinking that everything is all right. And then it just kinda sweeps you into this craziness. And so I thought it was a cool way to describe like the roller coasters of a dramatic relationship. I think it’s fun that in the song there’s so many different colors to it and think it kinda matches the story.”


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