Kiss And Tell With Bret Michaels

Wendy Geller
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Bret Michaels has famously ridden a bumpy road over his life, ranging from his romantic escapades to his various health scares. However, one thing's for sure: Whether he's up or down, he's certainly been around!

The rocker and reality-TV star proved this glibly on Wednesday during an appearance on the Bethenny show, when he was put on the spot by a totally unexpected question.

"What's the age of the oldest woman you have been with?" asked an audience member--herself a somewhat older-looking woman--much to the approval of the crowd, as well as host Bethenny Frankel.

Michaels, who's 49,  looked completely unfazed by the question. He answered, "Just a little above 55, but a little below 60," with a big grin.

Okay, we know he had a fling with Pam Anderson, but this truly proves the guy is a rock star!

His candid reply earned whoops from the audience and a thumbs-up from the gal who posed the query--who told Frankel she was "way old enough."

The fun didn't end there. "Can she get a hug?" the host asked Michaels.

Michaels gallantly agreed, gesturing the lucky lady to the stage...where he gave her not only a hug, but two kisses smack on the lips. "Woo!" he exclaimed playfully after the smooches.

The charming musician is currently busy promoting his latest venture, Pets Rock, a line of edgy accessories for furry friends carried exclusively by PetSmart.


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