Boyz II Men, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Well, it's almost Christmas, readers, and our thoughts have gone to the real meaning of the season.

Here's what we think:

Christmas is a time of giving. This year, our gift to you is a dozen splendid captions, as well as the beautiful fruit basket we just sent to your house. Sorry about the "shipping charges" you'll see on your credit card, though!

Christmas is also a time for reflection. How can we be better people in the year to come? Since Framed couldn't actually be any better, this is sort of moot for us, but you folks would do well to reflect on it.

Finally, Christmas is a time for gratitude. And we're very grateful to have Boyz II Men back in Framed, because they were just here! Our video this week is "Let It Snow" — an R&B version of a classic holiday sentiment — and the Boyz are in fine form, harmonizing around friends while it, well, snows. It's all very Christmassy!

Please come back again next week for another great holiday video, and please post your warmest Christmas wishes to people everywhere!

1 — When "Little Santa" makes a list, he doesn't check it at all! Go, "Little Santa!"

2 — "But snow is the enemy of the League of the Preposterously Dressed!"

3 — "Incredibly, the people of this primitive time played only two-dimensional chess… yet still wrote brilliant captions!"

4 — "If we make him a little fatter and pompous beyond belief, he'll actually be Newt Gingrich!"

5 — "But on Christmas, you're supposed to don your gay apparel."

6 — Hey, anybody here seen Gummo, The Sentient Bubble, or his twin brother, Joe? Gummo? Gummo!

7 — "Us, write a Penn State fight song? No way!"

8 — "So that's where all the other cakes went."

9 — "Of course I'll rock around you. Yes, of course I'll do it in the new, old-fashioned way. Just chill already, tree."

10 — "Remember, now: if he says 'Are you married?,' you say, 'No, man.' Not 'no, sir.' Not 'no, parson.' 'No, man.'"

11 — "What I like best about girls? Well, you know..."

12 — "But, officer, we don't actually write the captions."