Bow Wow Pays Up For Possibly Most Expensive Pole Dance Ever

Wendy Geller
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Aspiring rappers, take note: If you want to use a stripper in your videos, be sure you compensate her fairly for her art. Or you may find yourself out a few wads of cash--like Bow Wow, who was just forced to pay a French porn star nearly $80k for ripping off her work.

The lady in question, Celine Tran (who works under the name "Katsuni"), filed suit against Bow Wow last July--claiming he helped himself without permission to footage of her exotic dancing, originally featured in a video by French band the Electronic Conspiracy.

She alleged he then splashed it all over his video for "Drank In My Cup," again without asking permission.

Bow Wow's response? Silence. So, according to TMZ, a federal judge ordered him to pay Tran $79,346.07 in damages and legal fees, plus yank the footage.

Now that's one mighty expensive little striptease!

Here's both videos if you'd like to check them out. Think Tran's pole dance was worth nearly 80 grand?