Bow Down! 5 Bold Mrs. Carter Show Tour Queen Proclamations

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Beyoncé fans have been calling her Queen Bey for years, and the “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” singer apparently really likes the sound of it.

During her two-hour Mrs. Carter Tour stop in Las Vegas Saturday at MGM Grand Garden Arena, she campaigned hard for the Queen title.

In a series of video shorts, Beyoncé portrayed herself as a female ruler at various stages, crowning, performance, recovery and pampering.

Here are our top queen moments:

1) Beyoncé is known for making a grand entrance at her concerts, and her Mrs. Carter Show tour kick off was among her best. The short video depicts Beyoncé as a castle abiding, Middle Ages matriarch comparable to a figure from The Tudors or Game Of Thrones. Dressed in all white everything (including pale white skin), Queen Bey and her servants march in unison to her throne where she receives her crown. Her game face is serious, stern and intimidating. It’s clear that she is not one to cross. Those in doubt need only to listen closely to her song “I Been On” that plays in the background.

2) Introduction aside, “Run The World (Girls)” is strategically sequenced as the first song Beyoncé performs for the night. Yes, this girls-run-the world mantra invites all members of the female gender along for world dominance, but make no mistake, Mrs. Carter is their leader.

3) In the night’s second film short, Beyoncé is in despair, despondent and in solitude, possibly the result of an apocalyptic tragedy. Like a scene from the Terminator, she requires reprogramming. As she fumbles about in an abandoned house and in the woods, she listens to her own voice remind her of her royal status. “You’ve become unrecognizable to even yourself … but the clues to who you were, who you are all around you,” the voice says. “Remember who you were and who you were born to be. YOU ARE THE QUEEN.” After curiously looking at the silver crown, she places it on her head and begins to roam about and twirl in her tutu.

4) In one of the more elaborate clips, Queen Beyoncé is being prepped for a masquerade ball. Knights guard her doors. Behind them, a massive team of servants pamper her, tightening her gold bodice, lacing up her velvet red, thigh-high boots, and applying her makeup and perfume. After she puts on her royal blue robe, she is handed her scepter adored with ornate jewels. When she is presented, the party immediately reaches its peak to the tune of her track “Freakum Dress.”

5) For the video for Beyoncé’ “Grown Woman,” the song’s tribal rhythm is matched with footage of the superstar dressed in various Afrocentric costumes. She exudes Nubian queen, adopting reflective choreography.

After witnessing her flawless set that included 10 years of solo hits, nearly a dozen costume changes, an impressive cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” and a hoisting stunt over the crowd, her argument for the crown is pretty tough to debate.

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