Bonnie McKee's "American Girl": Greatest Celebrity Lip-Synch Video of All Time?

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Grab a cocktail napkin and write this name down in hot pink lipstick to save in the back pocket of your denim cut-offs: Bonnie McKee. One of the music industry's greatest secret weapons busted out her celeb-packed little black book to help premiere her new single "American Girl".

Celebs from across all media submitted videos of themselves lip-synching along to McKee's infectious summer anthem from their bedrooms, TV show sets and concert stages. Included in the video are heavy-hitters like Katy Perry, KISS, Jenny McCarthy, Ke$ha, Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne from the set of "Fashion Police", Macklemore, Kathy Griffin, Adam Lambert, Nicole Scherzinger, Jewel, Lance Bass, Taio Cruz, George Takai, and even Tommy Lee dressed as the singer complete with a hot pink bra, full makeup, red wig and McKee's signature head scarf.

Can we just pause a moment to take that in: Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, in drag as Bonnie, playing in his spinning drum kit—and the wig doesn't even fall off! Now that's a serious celebrity endorsement.

The flame-haired singer-songwriter is the mastermind behind eight #1 songs including Katy Perry's "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream", Britney Spears's "Hold It Against Me" and Taio Cruz's "Dynamite".

The last time we saw so much star power packed into a lip-synch video was when Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and a friends made one for Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" (Jepsen also appears in McKee's video). With McKee's #1 song track record and twice the star power behind her, "American Girl" is in line to be a summer hit.

The official video for "American Girl" will be debuting this summer, so keep an eye out for some more McKee shenanigans.

Who else do you spot in the video? Who is your fave "American Girl" lip-syncher? Leave your comments below!

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