Bon Jovi, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We've always wanted to feature Bon Jovi here in Framed, but one thing after another keeps coming up.

Sometimes, a really hot band or singer would simply have to be covered. Or a holiday would loom, and we'd want a themed blog that week. Then there's our bimonthly obligation to Justin Bieber, and, before him, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

One time, we were all set to go and then we decided to wash our hair. And when it was dry, we had forgotten what we were doing.

So it's always been something. This week, though, we're happy to say that the guys from New Jersey are finally here. And it's all thanks to last week's big news: Jon's hooked up with Avon and will be endorsing their new fragrance(s), Unplugged.

Wait, it gets better.

There's an Unplugged for Her (a floral, oriental fragrance) and an Unplugged for Him (a woody musk.) Said Lily DeStefano, vice president of Avon North America Beauty, in a statement, "The Unplugged scents evoke an emotional connection — something Jon inspires in audiences around the world."

Right you are, Ms. Stefano; right you are.


Well, after hearing this important news, we finally got our act together enough to bring in one of the guys' greatest songs and videos: "It's My Life," a single from 2000's Crush LP.

Actually, we hope that's our song this week. We can't really tell their tunes apart, but we're pretty sure that it's at least a Bon Jovi song. That is them in the video, right?

Sadly, the new Unplugged scents won't be available until this autumn, but you can enjoy Framed every single week of the year!

Except for next week, which we're taking off to drink beer!


1 — "I'll be damned. They also sell posters of good bands."

2 — "Me? Middle Finger Boy? Not even!"

3 — Let's face it, readers: Parker really needs the costume.

4 — "Screw the caption in the script, guys. Let's do "a new leash on life" just to see what happens!"

5 — "And, when I open my eyes, they'll have confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson! Please, let it be so!"

6 — Farmer Jones had fallen down a well, but — and this is fortunate — it was a really, really small well. Hell, a ditch, to be honest.

7 — Whoa, oh. They're halfway there. You know, more or less. It's not the sort of thing you measure or sing about.

8 — In olden times, 911 used to call you! Like, crazy, daddy-o!

9 — "Bring me the heads of these Bon Iver people!"

10 — "This is exciting! The editor of Y! Music is gonna interview me about our place in the history of rock music! It'll be the best interview yet!"

11 — "But... but... dude! The pants!"

12 — "Y'know, I don't see why we're in this bleeping video, either."