February 26-March 3: Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown Turning 19

Tiffany Lee
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Bobbi Kristina - the daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown - turns 19 on Match 4.

Celebrating this year will undoubtedly be difficult: On Feb. 11, her beloved mother was found dead in a Beverly Hilton Hotel bathroom (a cause of death has yet to be determined). The next day, Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital after reportedly having an emotional breakdown (she was released the same day).

She is now being comforted by her grandmother Cissy Houston, Uncle Gary and Aunt Pat.

"She's doing okay," a source close to the family recently told People magazine. "She's still obviously got a lot to deal with but she's doing a little better each day, and being back home in Atlanta seems to be a good thing."

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Bobbi Kristina had quite a bond with her mother.

Whitney revealed in a 2009 interview that it was Bobbi Kristina who played a role in her decision to leave Bobby Brown after 14 years of marriage.

Whitney told Oprah Winfrey that Bobbi Kristina once witnessed Bobby Brown spitting on her. Houston said she tried to tell her daughter "it's all right.'" but she said Bobbi Kristina told her, " 'no, it's not. No, it's not.' " Whitney recalled her daughter telling her at one point, "'Divorce him. Let him go.'"

Over the last few years, the two were closer than ever (they were even sharing clothes).

"If she's angry, I allow her to say, 'Damn! I'm so frustrated today!' " Whitney told InStyle in 2009. "We have our moments when we clash, but we have a good relationship. I want her to count on me to try to understand what she's going through. No damnation, no condemnation, nothing that's going to make her feel like she can't come to me."

Bobbi Kristina, an aspiring singer, was also in awe of the adversity her mother had overcome over recent years.
Sitting in the Oprah Winfrey audience in 2009, she gushed, "Words can't explain how proud of I am [of my mother]."

In other sad news, Davy Jones of the 60s band The Monkees passed away this past week at the age of 66. The singer, actor, jockey and former teen idol succumbed to a heart attack after a visit to his horses at a ranch near his Indiantown, Florida home.

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Jones was a portrait of health: He had a passion for racing horses (being a jockey even before joining The Monkees), enjoyed much of his time outdoors, and still played shows for his fans. His last show was just ten days prior in Oklahoma.

Jones and The Monkees had a greater impact on music than most realize. In spite of being a "novelty band", they enjoyed widespread success off-screen, was the first musical act to win an Emmy (two, in fact), they introduced acts like Jimi Hendrix and Tim Buckley, and were covered by groups ranging from the Sex Pistols to Run-DMC.

With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to Davy Jones, wish Bobbi Kristina well on her birthday, and hope for a better news next week!


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