Bobbi Kristina: Her Year Since Whitney’s Passing

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has faced highs and lows during the year following her mother’s death on February 11, 2012.

Weeks before the one-year anniversary of the Grammy award winning artist’s passing, Bobbi Kristina was at odds with her grandmother, Cissy Houston, who had released the book, Remembering Whitney, on January 29.

In Remembering Whitney, the elder Houston takes on controversial topics of her daughter’s drug abuse, tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown, and relationship with a former female assistant with whom she was rumored to be involved with romantically.

Bobbi Kristina didn’t think the book was appropriate and conveyed her feelings via Twitter. “Anything concerning my grandmother’s book I and Nick D Gordon of course personally have nothing to do with,” she wrote. “I ask you please respect that. Haven’t read and won’t.”

Bobbi Kristina added, “I find it to be disrespect[ful] to my mother and me being her daughter won’t tolerate it.”

During an interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Cissy Houston said she was aware that her granddaughter did want her to write the book. But she did come to Bobbi Kristina’s defense, saying that she did not like the way Krissy was being portrayed on the reality series The Houstons: On Our Own.

The Houstons: On Our Own series premiered on The Lifetime Network last October and showed Bobbi Kristina coping with the loss of her mother. The 19-year-old was filmed visiting her mother’s gravesite, drinking alcohol, and withdrawing from the family to instead spend time with Nick Gordon, her adopted-brother-turned fiancé. Her aunt, Pat Houston, Houston’s sister-in-law and manager, was portrayed as the guardian working to keep Bobbi Kristina out of trouble.

Gordon announced that the couple called off their wedding, writing, “[Bobbi Kristina] and I are not engaged or dating. Just close like we have always been,” in a post on Twitter in November.

Bobbi Kristina appeared to be handling the change of plans maturely. “I guess it’s time for me to follow what mom and the Lord put out on this path for me. Thankful. Mom. XXO,” she wrote in a Twitter post.

Months earlier, Bobbi Kristina and Gordon received matching tattoos of Houston’s initials surrounded by doves to celebrate the singer’s 49th birthday on August 9. Afterwards, Bobbi Kristina posted a photo of their writs with the message “now [you’re] truly ALWAYS with us mommy (: we love you.”

Bobbi Kristina credited her mom with helping her escape serious injury in a November 28 car crash that resulted in her driving her Chevy Camaro off the road in Alpharetta, Georgia.

“My personal guardian angel,” she wrote. “Thank you mom. Miss and love you more [than] you’ll ever know. Not a scratch.”

The status of Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with her father has been unclear since her mother’s death. Though Brown told Today show host Matt Lauer that his daughter was doing fine in an interview that aired last April, Bobbi Kristina did not attend her father’s Hawaii wedding to Alicia Etheredge in June.

Arguably, one of the best things that happened to Bobbi Kristina last year was her appearance on the Tyler Perry-produced TBS sitcom For Better Or Worse.

In an episode title “The Blind Date,” Bobbi Kristina played a wise-cracking receptionist named Tina. Perry praised her work.

“She did a fantastic job,” Perry told The Hollywood Reporter. “And this kid has such a future. She’s such an actor. I’m so proud of her. I’m telling you, as far as she wants to go in the business, she can.”

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey just weeks after Houston’s death, Bobbi Kristina said showbiz was definitely in her future.

"I got to keep moving," she said. "I got to carry on her legacy. I still have a voice. We're going to do the singing thing. We're going to do some acting, some dancing. It's a lot of pressure, but she prepared me for it."

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