Bob Weir And The National Cover Bob Dylan, A “Bridge Session” Sneak Preview!

Tiffany Lee
Maximum Performance (NEW)

Time to get excited people: The Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, members of the National and some of their Brooklyn buddies have released a teaser clip of rehearsals for this Saturday's "Bridge Session," streaming live on Yahoo! Music! The one-off supergroup's only plan is to have a long, freewheelin' set full of hits, covers, and unexpected surprises. And just to whet your musical appetites, they've chosen a particularly juicy sneak preview, a cover of Bob Dylan's "Most of the Time":

Good Dylan impression, huh? Weir had mentioned learning not one, but several Dylan covers for their performance in Y! Music's exclusive interview with him this week, so prepare yourself for more awesome Bob-on-Bob action! And be sure to get the details about "The Bridge Session," its panel discussions, and more on what you can expect.

Have a question for the legendary Bob Weir? We'll be fielding fans questions from Twitter during the panel discussions in between sets. Just tweet at our Twitter handle @yahoo_music with the tag #BridgeSession and you might just get a live answer!

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