Black Snake Songs

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The black snake has a significant history in music, especially in the blues. The symbol has become a legendary symbol, or innuendo, depending on which blues historian you ask. Although Blind Lemon Jefferson's 1927 recording "Black Snake Moan" is probably the best known, it was Victoria Spivey who penned the song "Black Snake Blues" the previous year. Jefferson's use of the song caused tension between the two.

Blues fans will probably be arguing about the meaning of "Black Snake Moan" until the end of time, but to me the strong sexual innuendo is clear as a bell. This is absolutely consistent for the blues, and although some would have you believe otherwise, you'll never convince me.

I thought I would put together a playlist of 10 "black snake" songs so that you can hear for yourself how the symbol of a black snake fits in popular music mythology.

So tell me..... what do you think Victory Spivey and Blind Lemon Jefferson were talking about?

Black Snake Songs

1.  Black Snake Blues - Victoria Spivey

2. Black Snake Moan - Blind Lemon Jefferson

3. I'm A Crawling Black Snake - Lightnin' Hopkins

4. Black Snake - John Lee Hooker

5. A Black Woman Is Like A Black Snake - Memphis Jug Band

6. Black Snake - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

7. Black Snake Bites - King Oliver

8. Black Snake is in My Room - Roy Carrier & the Night Rockers

9. Black Snakes - Darren Ross

10. Black Snake Woman - Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

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