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I was listening to the new Keane album today titled Strangeland. And I must admit, it hasn't done anything for me yet, but one track reminded me of the softer side of Radiohead. The track is called "Black Rain" and the song title made me think of some other "black rain" songs.

Namely, "Black Sheets Of Rain" by Bob Mould and "Black Rain" by Ozzy Osbourne. This made me wonder what else was out there.

The term "black rain" paints images of something unpleasant. Rain is depressing enough, but if you dress it in the color black it has even more impact as a melancholy backdrop. Black rain was a term used by the Japanese to describe the nuclear fallout that fell after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. So it has its roots in something very negative for humanity. It's also sometimes used synonymously with "acid rain". And although acid rain is bad, I'll take it over black rain every day of the week.

This playlist includes ten songs that all use the term "black rain" in the song title.

What have I missed?

Black Rain Songs

1. Black Rain - Keane

2. Black Sheets Of Rain - Bob Mould

3. Black Rain - Ozzy Osbourne

4. Black Rain - Soundgarden

5. Black Rain - Samson

6. Black Rain, Black Rain - AA Bondy

7. Black Rain - Ben Harper

8. Black Summer Rain - Eric Clapton

9. Black Rain - Primal Fear

10. Black Rain - Outlawz

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