Black Flag Candy Hearts

Robert of the Radish
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The other day a press release showed up in my inbox that I thought was huge news. Black Flag was reuniting! I opened the email and read it eagerly.

Well, it wasn't as good as it sounded. Although the reunion includes original members of the band it does not include Henry Rollins. No offense against the band's second vocalist, Ron Reyes, but most of us aren't interested in Black Flag without Henry Rollins. It's like the Beatles without John Lennon or The Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger.

So while the press release was nothing to get excited about it did inspire me to do this Black Flag Valentine's Day playlist. To qualify for the list there were only two prerequisites.

1. It had to be a Black Flag song.

2. The song title needed to work on a candy conversation  heart.

How I wish someone would make these and package them in a box with the Black Flag logo on the front. I'd buy a 1000 of them and keep them all for myself.

Happy Valentine's Day punks!

Black Flag Candy Hearts

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