Birdman: “I Get Money”…And He Buys A Massive Miami Mansion With It!

Wendy Geller
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Hey, when you head up a record label called "Cash Money"--you gotta live up to the name, right? Hip-hop icon Bryan "Birdman" Williams, who's known for buying whatever he wants at any price, apparently takes this very seriously: He has just thrown down $14.5 million on a Miami mansion, which looks ornate even by music-mogul standards. In fact, the new pad actually resembles a luxury hotel more than a private residence.

The property, which is in the exclusive Palm Island area, may not be as big as a full-scale mega-hotel--but it comes with resort-like amenities and certainly has room to accommodate more than a few overnight guests. It boasts 19,000 square feet, 9 bedrooms, and 17 bathrooms. According to, the home features 100 feet of waterfront, plus a mind-boggling pool area which rivals any private club in Vegas.

And, of course, it's got all the over-the-top touches Birdman will need to host friends like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in style--25-foot ceilings, a 70-foot custom bar, massage room, home theater, and gym. No word if a bellhop has been hired yet, but we wouldn't be surprised.

As proof positive that Birdman is not exactly what anyone would call a penny pincher--he purchased an $8 million Maybach Exelero car in May--this particular house was not scooped up at a bargain price. It originally belonged to music producer Scott Storch, who was forced into foreclosure in 2009. The home was then scooped up for the relatively reasonable price of $6.75 million by Rockstar Energy Drinks co-owner Russell Weiner...who clearly just made a tidy profit on his investment.

Don't worry too much about Birdman losing out on a deal, though. His wallet clearly isn't crying: Forbes named him one of hip-hop's five wealthiest artists in 2011, with a net worth of about $100 million.

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