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Billy Joel Then & Now
Billy Joel Then & Now

Billy Joel has had an amazingly prolific music recording career. He has released several chart topping albums, singles, and won numerous prestigious music awards. The massive amount of records he sold is a fitting testament to how exceptionally talented he is as song writer and performer. Over the years, he's produced a stunning amount of videos that visually compliment themes in his songs. To commemorate his 40 year career Billy Joel released The Complete Albums Collection and Piano Man Legacy Edition on November 8.

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2011 Live at Shea Stadium: The Concert

Billy Joel performed the last two concerts at Shea Stadium before it was torn down. The Beatles opened Shea Stadium and Billy Joel closed it. Watch his performance of "Only the Good Die Young" at the concert.

2007 All My Life

All My Life is a smooth promotional ballad written by Billy Joel.

2001 Fantasies & Delusions

Find out why Billy Joel feels the closest to the recordings on Fantasies & Delusions in this insightful interview.

1997 Greatest Hits Volume III

"To Make You Feel My Love" is a song by Bob Dylan that Billy Joel covers on Greatest Hits Volume III.

1993 River of Dreams

This album debuted #1 on the Billboard Album Chart and is RIAA 5x Multi-Platinum. "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" is song Billy Joel wrote for his daughter. "The River Of Dreams" was a hit single that landed at the #3 spot on the charts. The video for "No Man's Land" intercuts live footage with images of suburbia. The frenetic pacing of the images conjures up feelings of urban excess.

1989 Storm Front

Storm Front is a RIAA 4x Multi-Platinum selling album that was #1 on the Billboard Album Chart. In the #1 hit single "We Didn't Start The Fire" numerous polarizing topics are runoff in quick succession. The plight of impoverished fishermen is captured in Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa" video. It's a song the blue collar working-class can identify with. "That's Not Her Style" is song that was written for Billy Joel's then supermodel wife Christie Brinkley. The video is an energetic live performance at Yankee Stadium.

1987 Kohuept (Live in Lenigrad)

Check out Billy Joel's visit to the Soviet Union in this video.

1986 The Bridge

This is Billy Joel's 10th studio album and a top ten release on the Billboard Chart. "Baby Grand" is a amazing duet with the legendary Ray Charles. "A Matter Of Trust" was shot in an apartment building with various city folk looking in from the streets.

1983 An Innocent Man

An Innocent Man peaked at #4 on the Billboard Album Chart and is 7x Multi-Platinum. "Uptown Girl" is a fun video that features the lovely Christi Brinkley as the love interest. It also received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male. Watch the doo wop influenced #1 hit "The Longest Time" and #1 hit "Tell Her About It" videos.

1982 The Nylon Curtain

The Nylon Curtain was another top ten success on the album charts, peaking at #7. The video for "Allentown" captures the social costs to a town from a mill shutting down and laying off workers. Dealing with stress can be difficult, but it's a theme expertly expressed in "Pressure."

1980 Glass Houses

This album reached #1 on the Billboard Album Chart. It received an American Music Award for Album of the Year and a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. A year later the awards continued with a People's Choice Award for Favorite Male Pop Performer. Billy Joel rocks outs with a bad boy attitude in "You May Be Right" and questions what exactly is hip in "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me."

1978 52nd Street

52nd Street became Billy Joel's first #1 album on the Billboard Album Chart and is RIAA 7x Multi-Platnium. It won him a Grammy for both Album Of The Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. Billy Joel reveals the concept behind the cover and musical influences for this album. Check out the videos for the chart topping "My Life", "Big Shot", and "Honesty."

1973 Piano Man

Piano Man is the second album from Billy Joel. The title track song and video details the colorful characters that frequent lounge bars. Billy Joel has first hand knowledge of the lifestyle, being a piano lounge player performing under the alias Bill Martin.

1971 Cold Spring Harbor

Find out how Billy Joel went about writing the material in Cold Spring Harbor in this revealing interview.

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