Big Sean's Music Video 'Fire' Stars Smoking Hot Miley Cyrus

Tiffany Lee
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Miley Cyrus sets the screen on fire in a music video that isn't her own! Big Sean's latest music video is 1% Sean, 1% roses, 98% Miley. If we didn't know any better, we'd think the video was a sizzle reel for the former Disney star. In the provocative music video, Cyrus is seen scantily clad, moving in slow motion, writhing on a smoldering block of marble, or simply showing off her killer stems on set. The whole vibe of the music video is more akin to the fashion videos that have become the norm for high-end labels. It's all Miley all the time, with Big Sean making a brief appearance as a still image on fire.

Of all the video vixens in all the world, why Miley? Big Sean is currently dating stunning actress Naya Rivera, who plays the saucy cheerleader Santana Lopez on 'Glee.' Rivera could have easily taken Cyrus's place in the music video, but let's allow Big Sean himself explain:

Big Sean certainly thought the video casting through, and we're especially curious to know which "old romance" of Cryus's Big Sean is referring to (Justin Gaston? Carter Jenkins? Did something happen to Liam?). Cyrus has certainly had her share of rows with the media about her image shift since cutting and bleaching her hair, from twerking to admitting to being a pothead. It certainly appears that despite, or perhaps because of, her very public maturation, Cyrus is one of the few teen stars that has successfully shifted to a sexier, edgier image as an adult that both fans and peers are celebrating.

Cyrus's own commentary on the video was far less revealing, simply tweeting the link with a few cheeky hashtags. Rivera on the other hand did not promote her boyfriend's music video and instead focused on tweeting about her own debut single, "Sorry," that Big Sean is featured on on.

Watch Big Sean's explicit music video for "Fire" starring Miley Cyrus

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