The Big Band Theory: Kaley Cuoco’s Sister Auditions For ‘The Voice’

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Many "Voice" Blind Auditions have featured contestants with showbiz connections (for instance, just last week, "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" actress E.G. Daily tried out), and this Monday's "Voice" episode was no different, when Briana Cuoco — yes, sister of "Big Bang Theory" megastar Kaley — attempted to get those big red chairs to spin.

With her wild raven tresses and sooty rocker-chick eyeliner, Briana (who holds a day job as Kaley's personal assistant, and is an actress in her own right) didn't bear much resemblance to her blonder, more famous sibling…and it was unclear if Briana was at Kaley's talent level, to be honest. While her cover of Lady Gaga's "You and I" showed promise, and she certainly looked like a pop star, her pitch was imperfect, her voice quavered, and she wasn't even totally in sync with the song's beat.

There have been superior singers on this show who never got a single coach to buzz in, so how did Briana get two chairs to swivel? Well, it's possible that when Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green hit their buttons, they had a producer barking in their earpieces, tipping them off about this particular contestant's ratings-magnet relative and encouraging them to turn around. That's certainly one, um, theory.

That being said, Briana did have a cool, contemporary look and some Kaley-esque spunk and likability, so maybe with the help of Christina (whom she eventually chose as her coach), she could make a big bang in the Battle Rounds. But the competition is stiff this "Voice" season, so it'll take more than a recognizable surname and a sitcom it-girl cheering in the stage wings to get Briana Cuoco to the live shows.

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