Beyonce, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

So there we were, watching the second inauguration of Mr. President Obama, wondering who could top James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson, when Beyonce showed up to sing "The Star Spangled Banner."

"Why, Beyonce sounds terrific!" we said out loud. Toy-Bot, The Good Cat, who was sitting on our lap, agreed in the strange language of his people, the cats. We petted him.

Satisfied with a great show, we forgot all about it until the next day. Then we read that people were saying Beyonce hadn't sung "The Star Spangled Banner" live, but had -- in fact -- lip-synched it!

"Oh no!" we cried to The Good Cat, who was still on our lap. "Beyonce is a big cheater! The internet doesn't lie, except for our part of the internet, of course."

Then, the day after that, we heard she actually did sing it live. WTF?

"This must be a signal to put Beyonce in Framed again," we mused in confusion. "Because everything is about us." Scooting over to Vevo, we decided that, this week, we would go with "I Was Here," her vid for last year's World Humanitarian Day. In it, we find Beyonce at the United Nations, lip-synching the song. Images of outer space and poverty-stricken lands abound.

And then The Good Cat bit us. Really hard.

1 -- Beyonce came to the U.N. to address people from around the globes. Er, globe!

2 -- "When I clap my hands, you will awaken and believe this video is very, very good."

3 -- "And should you of Earth acquire nuclear power and space travel, we, the mature citizens of the galaxy, will... huh?... what's that?"

4 -- "Let's see, now... where was I?"

5 -- Continuing to thwart Third World criminals: Has-Legs Man and Torso Boy!

6 -- Children are disturbingly mischievous, here in the Village of the Darned.

7 -- Until now, only Jay-Z realized she actually was the Big Bang!

8 -- "What is it with Lionel Richie and the bleeping ceiling, anyway?"

9 -- The "ideas drop" for List of the Day is always exciting to watch!

10 -- Later on, science determined that Valium actually would have helped this bash.

11 -- "The miners are still trapped, but good news, men! We're not!"

12 -- "...and over here is our top-notch school for fundamentalist Islamic girls. Just kidding!"