And Beyonce’s Big Announcement Is … a Pepsi Ad Debuting Her New Single ‘Grown Woman’

Jeremy Blacklow
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Beyoncé teased fans Wednesday with a short, six-second YouTube video preparing fans for a big announcement coming Thursday morning. Well, the payoff is here: A new Pepsi ad featuring the star’s new single, which will be available very soon.

Beyoncé turned to YouTube yet again to post her new, one-minute Pepsi ad titled “Mirrors,” which features her looking back at several of her previous looks while in a dance-studio full of — you guessed it — mirrors. Pepsi confirms to omg! that the music featured in the clip is a new Beyoncé song called “Grown Woman.” Billboard reports that the song is a new Timbaland-produced track from Bey’s new album, but isn’t the first official single.

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Queen Bey begins the video solo in a rehearsal room, but, when she reaches for a Pepsi, she begins seeing images from her old music videos in the reflections. First she confronts her look from “Bootylicious” as 2001 Beyoncé and 2013 Beyoncé cock their heads at each other and smile.

Then we see other iconic Beyoncé looks, including “Single Ladies” (she does her famous dance in the mirror for a moment with her former self), “Love on Top,” “Déjà Vu,” and “Crazy in Love” … before the mirrors all explode and 2013 Beyoncé takes another sip of Pepsi, smiles, and walks off.

The commercial ends with the new campaign slogan -- “LIVE FOR NOW” -- which then leads fans to Pepsi’s homepage, where “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” is promoted and fan tweets with the hashtag #BeyHereNow appear.

Also on Thursday, Warner Bros. released a new trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” in which we finally hear a snippet of Beyoncé covering Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.”