Beyonce Accused of Stealing Look From Estonian Pop Singer Kerli

Laura Ferreiro
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By Laura Ferreiro

It appears that one of Beyoncé's glam looks from her "Mrs. Carter Show" tour book was borrowed from singer Kerli.

The Estonian dance diva posted side-by-side pictures on Facebook of herself in an Amato Haute Couture next to Beyoncé, who appears to be wearing the same elaborate dress.

Kerli, who recently performed her power ballad "Love Me or Leave Me" on "Dancing With The Stars" didn't seem to mind Queen B's appropriation of her ultra-glamorous look. She wrote on her Facebook page:

"I gotta say it's pretty damn cool to see Queen B Beyoncé rock something I spray painted white on my patio for Utopia 8. The dress was originally nude and made by the brilliant Rocky Gothercole ♥♥ Whooop!"

A fan pointed out on Facebook that Nicki Minaj wore the same dress with the distinctive winged shoulder work in her fairy tale-themed "Va Va Voom" video.

Others have taken to Twitter to comment on Beyoncé's appropriation of Kerli's look, with many fans wondering who Kerli is:

"Girl, Who. Are. You? RT @VibeMagazine: Kerli Takes A Shot At Beyonce For 'Stealing' Her Style" –@TAVYSMILEY

"Who? RT @BougieLa: She always does this." –@THISISLULE

As it turns out, the 25-year-old fashion-forward singer was born in the Soviet-occupied town of Elva, Estonia and has wanted to be a pop star most of her life. When she was a teenager, she entered into a competition in her native Estonia to appear on the famous Eurovision Song Contest. She didn't win – she was named a runner up – but that didn't thwart her ambitions, and she eventually scored an audition with an Island Def Jam representative and signed a deal with the major label. She made her way to Los Angeles, and recently released the EP "Utopia," which peaked at 196 on the Billboard 200 charts the first week in April.