Beyoncé To Play The Super Bowl, Obama On Mariah And Nicki, Gucci Challenges Jeezy

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Music news can get boring without an editorial slant, so Yahoo! Music's The Aftermath, the best music news discussion on the 'Net, keeps it interesting. Hip-hop superstar Xzibit, who just released his album "Napalm," sits in with Soren Baker and me to take on a few of this week's biggest topics.

Beyoncé was just announced as the performer for next year's Super Bowl? What can we expect? Has she been in the game long enough to receive this coveted honor? What kinds of surprises should we anticipate for her stage show? We imagine that the new mother will avoid sparking any controversy, unlike her hip-hop brethren Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, who are in the midst of a feud.

Gucci Mane escalated the tension when he dropped his song "The Truth" that alleged that Jeezy ex Keyshia Cole cheated on him with Diddy. The claim prompted Cole to resort to Twitter to dismiss Gucci's comments. Gucci continues to provoke Jeezy, inviting the "Soul Survivor" rapper into the boxing ring for a $100,000 wager. Are we getting tired of all of the hip-hop beefs?

President Obama has faith that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey will sort out their differences behind-the-scenes of "American Idol." Obama was asked to address the matter when he recently called into the Miami radio show of Michael Yo, who also hosts a series on Yahoo!, Obama has come under attack for spending precious campaign time talking pop culture? Do you agree?

Lastly, The Aftermath panel gives unsolicited advice to former No Limit soldier Mystikal, who revealed his interest in breaking into the adult film business should he not be able to revive his rap career. The "Shake It Fast" MC expressed his desire to make a film with porn star Pinky and she is open to his offer with strings. Is this really the direction the New Orleans artists should be directing his career?

There are too many good topics to discuss this week. Let us know your thoughts.

Video and editing: Robert Gardner

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