Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland Crash a Girls’ Karaoke Party

Laura Ferreiro
Yahoo Music

Imagine doing some late-night karaoke and busting out your favorite Beyoncé tune. Who hasn't done this? Now imagine that Queen Bey herself crashes your karaoke party with her Destiny's Child former bandmate Kelly Rowland, completely unannounced.

This dream scenario happened on Wednesday night when Beyoncé, her hubby Jay Z, and a group of their friends including Timbaland and DC3 alums Rowland and Michelle Williams dropped by a Miami karaoke club for some midnight fun, reports Us Weekly.

As the star-studded crew were setting up their party, Beyoncé reportedly recognized her own song, "Party," wafting in from another room. She asked the club owner where the music was coming from, and when the owner reassured Bey that the music wouldn't disturb them, the pop star insisted. "No, I want to see who is singing my song," she said.

Beyoncé and Rowland went to investigate, and found several "Single Ladies" singing and dancing in a room nearby, as well as one who was apparently passed out asleep on a couch. The girls invited them in to sing and dance, even though they didn't immediately realize who they were.

You can imagine what a shock they had when they discovered it was Mrs. Jay Z and Ms. Rowland. The singers posed with the girls for several selfies, and even photo bombed the sleeping girl. There was certainly a lot of "Love in This Club" that night!