Beyoncé Didn’t Need To Sing At Super Bowl Press Conference, Did Lil Wayne Cut His Dreads?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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The Aftermath, the best music discussion on the ‘net, could not have asked for a better week of music news, and Pittsburg, Cali rapper A-Wax sits in with Soren Baker and me to offer hilarious commentary.

Beyoncé shut down haters at the Super Bowl press conference Thursday by singing the National Anthem live, a cappella, proving she could do so without lip-synching. The Aftermath thinks Baddiebey didn’t have anything to prove.

We also take on the topic of Lil Wayne’s dreads. After playing a Super Bowl pre-show, reports emerged that the New Orleans rapper cut his hair. The photo that circulated the Internet looks legit, but is it? Is it a bad idea for Wayne to cut off his trademark locks?

And man oh man, we have beef with Whitney Houston’s brother, Michael Houston, who admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he was the one who introduced his sister to crack. For years, Whitney’s ex Bobby Brown has taken the wrap? Can somebody get The King Of R&B some type of exoneration?

Folks, we know you have opinions on these topics. Speak your mind in the comment section and reach out to use via our social media accounts.

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