Behold CeCe Frey’s Extreme ‘X Factor’ Makeover!

Lyndsey Parker
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CeCe Frey, aka Miss "Capital-C-e-Capital-C-e," has quickly become one of "The X Factor" Season 2's most unlikable contestants. Even her mentor, Demi Lovato, admitted that the girl has a likability problem--even though that didn't stop Demi from advancing CeCe to the top 16 this week. So before the live competitive shows, a major CeCe reinvention is in order, to wipe the TV slate clean and make America forget all about the leopard-faced villainess who talked smack about fellow contestants, called herself a "boss," and technically stole a spot in the semifinals from America's "X Factor" sweetheart, Jillian Jensen.

The result? The most extreme reality-show makeover outside of "America's Next Top Model," and definitely the most extreme singing-show makeover since Tommy Hilfiger convinced "American Idol's" Erika Van Pelt to chop her blonde bob into a Kris Jenner crop. Yes, the photo on the right really is CeCe Frey:

Wow. CeCe is almost entirely unrecognizable here--the only nod to her old persona is the lacy face applique, which is reminiscent of that Cracker Jack-box temporary tattoo she used to wear. She actually looks a little bit like a cleaned-up Ke$ha, and a lotta bit like a circa-2012 Miley much so that I wouldn't be surprised if Flavor Flav mistook her for Gwen Stefani, too.

Of course, Ke$ha and Miley are polarizing in their own ways, so it remains to be seen if this makeover converts any CeCe haters into new fans. But the fact that no one may recognize her just may improve her odds. Guess we'll all find out when "The X Factor's" live shows begin November 1, but in the meantime, go HERE to check out the rest of the new promo photos of this season's top 16. (All photos courtesy of Fox.)

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