The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs: 55 and Still Fabulous

Craig Rosen
Yahoo Music

Believe it or not, Bangles frontwoman Susanna Hoffs turns 55 on Friday. To borrow an album title from her one-time punk-scene contemporaries the Minutemen, Hoffs is double-nickels on the dime.

In honor of her birthday, we got the "Eternal Flame" singer on the phone to find out how she found eternal youth and manages to stay so fit and foxy at 55.

Here are some of Hoffs' tips to stay youthful as you age:

Music — "It's like a permanent case of arrested development, getting to play rock 'n' roll for my job...Putting on a show is not just the singing and the playing guitar part, but there is a lot of movement and energy that occurs on the stage...I'm very grateful I have a job that allows me to stay active."

Good genes — "I have to thank my parents for that."

Moisturizer — "I always say the key is moisturizer."

Overall health — "I think it's both mental and physical to some extent, having a routine where you just have as much as a healthy lifestyle as you can stand."

Start young — "I started young with the feeling of being connected to my body and the love of movement and exercise. When I was growing up, it was either horseback riding or you were into ballet, and I was doing ballet. I think it set me up to a lifelong addiction to being fit."

Walking (not necessarily like an Egyptian, but like an active multitasker) — "I walk every day...It's really become an addiction for me that's as much for my peace of mind and state of mind as it is to stay in shape." On her walks, Hoffs listens to audio books, catches up with friends on the phone, and even uses a songwriting app if an idea pops in her head. "I make great use of my walks, which are generally about an hour and a half every day. It is like a complete religion for me. It just makes you feel good."

Be mindful when eating — "I don't ever eat in front of the TV...I don't multitask when I eat. I focus on the food, so you don't need as much and maybe you enjoy it more."

Don't drink or smoke — Not to get all Adam Ant-like, but Hoffs lives that way. She gave up drinking in 2012. "I wish I was one of those people who can enjoy a glass of wine every once in awhile... but I just never felt good about it." Hoffs tried cutting alcohol completely from her life. "It was just sort of like deciding to give up meat. I decided to try this and it worked so well."

Rediscover your creative zest — Now that Hoffs' sons are 15 and 18, she's finding more time for herself. "After the nitty-gritty years of child-rearing and your kids sort of become launched, and you've given them plenty of life lessons, you have an opportunity to revisit what you want to do with your life. For me, it's been an incredibly productive last few years. I can't remember another time when I put out three new records [the Bangles' Sweetheart of the Sun in 2011, her solo record Someday in 2012, and Under the Covers, Vol. 3 with Matthew Sweet], three years in a row."

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