Bands Named After Body Parts

Robert of the Radish
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We've done a lot of playlists based on band names here at Yahoo Music.  You know a good name when you hear it, and there are thousands of horrible names that deserve to be ragged on as much as possible (I'm looking at you Limp Bizkit, Test Icicles and !!!). And even if you're not in a band, thinking of new band names is a fun pastime.  How many times have you heard some odd words put together and said, "that's a great name for a band!"? Okay, maybe you haven't, but music fanatics like myself do it all the time.

You can do lists of bands named after animals, insects, books, songs, monsters, or just about any subject you can think of.  For this playlist I was inspired by the Talking Heads, which I personally think is a great band that has a great band name. I was listening to The Best Of The Talking Heads today and started thinking about other bands named after parts of the body.

This playlist includes the first ten I came across.

What would you add?

Bands Named After Body Parts

1. (Nothing But) Flowers - Talking Heads

2. Funkytown - Lipps Inc.

3. Always Something There To Remind Me - Naked Eyes

4. First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

5. Jenny Says - Cowboy Mouth

6. Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

7. Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers

8. The Ferry Fare - Neck

9. Secrets - Ten Toes Up

10. Neozajstne - The Ears

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