Here’s a Band That’s Really ‘On The Rise’: Meet The Kin!

Wendy Geller
The New Now

In the mood for some good old gritty New York-style sound? NYC Lower East Side trio the Kin can fill that bill nicely. The group, composed of brothers Isaac and Thorald Koren (who actually originally hail from Australia), plus their enigmatically named drummer Shakerleg (a stick-less, hands-on percussionist they discovered in the subway), cut their musical teeth playing residencies in the city.

There, they amassed first a stable of local raves -- not an easy crowd to win over -- and then eventually landed a major record deal.

The Kin is all about the live show, winning fans right and left for their energetic performances as well as "musical robberies," where they spontaneously play unlikely venues and give the (inadvertently created) audience a fun shock.

"We're looking to surprise people and hit them on all senses," Thorald noted, and it's safe to say they've done just that. The Kin has "robbed" ears at locales ranging from a New York restaurant to a French airport!

This sense of freedom translated well into the band's recent visit to Yahoo Music, where they certainly stole our approval with their exclusive performance of hopping pop-rock, including recent singles "Get On It," "Mary," and "On The Rise."

The Kin are currently touring in Australia, but they'll return to the USA in November to support P!nk on a series of arena dates. You can keep up with their schedule here.