Go Backstage with the ‘X Factor’ Final Four!

Lyndsey Parker
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It's the most crucial week of the "X Factor" season yet, as the final four square off for spots in next week's big finale. Four singers will compete, but only three will make it through. And as evidenced by last week's controversial results, anything could happen this week, and votes matter more than ever before.

This week I caught up with all four singers on the set of "The X Factor," where they are hard at work rehearsing their make-or-break songs. While it's still a little unclear whether or not the judges will have any say in this week's results (Chris said he had a sing-off song prepared, while Marcus and Josh claimed it would all come down to America's votes this week), there was one thing they all seemed to agree on: They're all going to bring it on Wednesday night.

Here's the undeniably likable and almost eerily charismatic underdog Marcus Canty on keeping up a good attitude in the face of adversity; saying goodbye to Rachel Crow in the show's most awkward and dramatic moment ever; how one 7-year-old in the crowd made a difference in his morale; how he's singing a song for the laydeez this week, and how he thinks Simon Cowell is, well,  a little confused:

Here's the wonderful Josh Krajcik on getting back to basics this week (no more cage dancers!); trusting his artistic instincts (and how he didn't always do that this this season); avoiding a backlash stemming from his mentor Nicole Scherzinger's controversial behavior last week; and whether he'll ever play any of his original songs on the show:

Here's the popular and positive Chris Rene on hitting 10 million views on YouTube, how he prefers performing originals over performing covers; maintaining his sobriety while facing the temptations of the showbiz scene; and spreading "lovebombs" and unicorn and rainbows (yes, unicorns and rainbows) with his music:

And here's fan favorite Melanie Amaro on being the only girl left in the competition; saying goodbye to two of her teammates two weeks in a row, receiving advice on Twitter from her role model Mariah Carey, and why she's so prone to emotional outbursts onstage:

Which one of these talented people is going to make it to the finale--will it be Melanie, Josh, and Chris, as expected, or will comeback kid Marcus squeak through? It'll be interesting to see on Thursday night.

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