B.o.B. Explains Concept Of New Mixtape Video With T.I. And Juicy J

Billy Johnson Jr.
Hip-Hop Media Training

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B.o.B. teamed up with T.I. and Juicy J to release the video for “Still In This Bitch” from his F-ck ‘Em We Ball mixtape.

The clip captures the trio rapping in a strip club. B.o.B. explained the concept of the video in an exclusive interview with Hip Hop Media Training. 

“Me and Decatur Dan, the director, was talking about it and you know just wanted to kinda capture the essence of the song and really just show everybody having fun and really just bring that energy to life visually,” he said.

On Saturday, B.o.B. and Big Boi shot a video for “Double Or Nothin’,” their song from their new video EA game, Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel.


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