Azealia Banks’ ‘BBD,’ A Response To Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘Poison’?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Hip-Hop Media Training (NEW)

Azealia Banks’ New Years Day offering “BBD” could be interpreted as a long-awaited response to Bell Biv DeVoe’s anti-gold digger song “Poison.”

Short for Bad Bitches Do It, Banks' "BBD" sticks up for all the girls with big butts and smiles that New Edition’s Ricky, Mike and Ronnie warned us about in 1990, a year before the Harlem rapper was born.

Trading the R&B trio’s New Jack Swing for her signature multi-rhythm, electro beats provided by Apple Juice Kid with Sup Doodle, Ms. Banks makes no apologies for using her looks to get diamonds and spending loot. For the chorus, she raps, “I’m just really out here living, something like the New Edition, they say I’m poison what’s the difference, BBD, Michael Bivins.”

Banks then proceeds to boast about her fly-ness. She’s stunting in her stilettos and riding with fellow fine bitches.

Even the cautionary members of Bell Biv DeVoe can’t be mad. Banks is upfront and her husky, intricate flow is so confident and sexy. “BBD” sounds like a perfect fit for her forthcoming “Broke With Expensive Tastes” set due out this year.

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