Avril Lavigne Talks Danica Kiss, Bearsharks, Messy Makeup Tips

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

It's an indisputable fact that Avril Lavigne's "Rock 'n' Roll" video is one of the greatest music videos since, well, ever. It features a bearshark. It features Avril playing a "November Rain"-style, Slash-inspired guitar solo in front of a church. And it even has a girl-on-girl makeout scene with Danica McKellar, aka "The Wonder Years'" Winnie Cooper. It just plain rocks.

Catching up with Avril backstage after her daytime performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival's Village in Las Vegas, Yahoo Music got some handy tips on how she managed to keep her punk-rock makeup intact in the blazing desert sun. But more importantly, we found out just how many takes it took for her and Danica to nail that much-gabbed-about makeout scene. But, as Avril put it, they really "got it right every time." Of course they did.