Avril Lavigne, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Everyone likes Avril Lavigne, but few like her more than Framed. This is the fourth time we've featured one of her vids here, and it's always a good time all around. This week we've got "Let Me Go," a Vevo premiere featuring Avril and her new husband Chad Kroeger of Nickleback. The track is slated to appear on Ms. Lavigne's new, self-titled LP, due for a November 5 release.

The piano-driven tune is, perhaps surprisingly, a ballad, and a break-up ballad at that. That's sort of strange in that Chad and Av have only been married for three months. We'd like to say that Avril's projecting a more grown-up image, except her earlier 2013 release, "Here's To Never Growing Up," will also be on the new album.

So what's your take, readers? Is this the same snot that gave us "Girlfriend," which was, of course, the second video ever highlighted by this blog? Or is this a new, more sophisticated songstress with a more mature story to tell? We'll hold our breath until you get back to us.

Important blog note! Framed won't post next week, as we'll be busy doing stuff. We'll be back here again in two weeks. In the meantime, don't forget to enjoy "Punish Fort, Framed," our Halloween installment that runs every year.

1 -- "Leaf us alone," they cried, but to no Avril.

2 -- "I can only hope no kids are 'having fun' out there."

3 -- Cold season approaches! Avril gargles!

4 -- "Now where in the world could I have lost two pounds of eye make-up?"

5 -- "Billy Mack is a detective down in Texas / You know he knows just exactly what the facts is."

6 -- "Wow! The App That Corrects History has redefined me as an adult!"

7 -- "Being in the kitchen with Dinah is something I can only now aspire to."

8 -- The Career Glass doesn't lie!

9 -- "We do work well together, darling. But your erectile dysfunction? It could be a question of blood flow."

10 -- After her heart attack, Avril decided to skate no more!

11 -- But could Avril's Canada Powers stop the Avengers on their own turf?

12 -- "But why were the lamb's fleas as white as snow?"